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Welcome To Bethany 101

Bethany 101 was built more than 170 years ago, at the beginning of the British Colonial era, and has offered its residents luxurious accommodation, world class cuisine, and an environment of inspiring beauty ever since. The manor’s décor is faultlessly classic and was meticulously renewed to its original splendour in 2013, incorporating many original antique fittings and furniture in the style of old Ceylon. We are happy to say that Bethany 101 is more resplendent today than it has ever been throughout its long history, making it the premier boutique hotel in the Kalpitiya and Puttalam areas.

The entire villa plays host to only six guest bedrooms, assuring you of a private and exclusively luxurious stay. Outside, commodious verandas with easy chairs sweep around the estate, offering an unobstructed view of an oasis like garden with an expansive lawn and an exquisite swimming area, all shaded by frangipani trees.

Bethany 101 is a paradise boutique hotel and complete five star holiday destination. It has been our family home for generations, and our goal is to make it feel like your home as well. Our staff value hospitality and service very highly, and work to make every detail of your stay perfect.