We are proud to say that we have served peerless food to our guests at Bethany 101 since 1836, and our current offerings crown those two centuries of tradition perfectly. We invite you to enjoy every meal in the kind of glamour and elegance that has all but disappeared from the world.

Puttalam is famous for its fusion of local and world cuisines. Influences from India, China, Malaysia and Europe have combined with local foods to create a truly unique dining experience. Following this culinary tradition, we offer dishes to suit any palate, from ancient Sri Lankan favourites to adventurous gourmet experiences from all around the world.

All of our produce is sourced locally, ensuring absolute freshness and purity. Our fish comes directly from Puttalam lagoon itself and nearby waters. As a result, we are proud to offer both well-known favourites and a few varieties you won’t find anywhere else in the world.
Dining at Bethany 101 offers you an opportunity to explore a new world of flavours, delicately combined and presented along traditional and modern lines alike. Of course, we offer classic western dishes as well, all prepared lovingly by our expert staff. With a choice from a twenty-five page menu, you’ll soon find your new favourite dish.